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Enjoy flipping through our Food Safety Talkabout video series. In this video series, StateFoodSafety took to the streets to ask several people questions about food safety. Each video highlights a food safety principle. These videos are sure to make you laugh and might even teach you something along the way.

You wouldn’t want to prepare a meal with bugs crawling on your hands, so why would you skip the soap and water? In this first-ever Food Safety Talkabout, StateFoodSafety took to the streets to ask people questions about the single most important hygiene habit—proper hand washing. There is no more essential habit for you to […]
Episode 2 of StateFoodSafety’s Food Safety Talkabout series is a continuation of Episode 1 in which we further explore proper hand hygiene. Watch Episode 2 to learn how to eliminate problems associated with the fecal-oral route. The fecal-oral route most commonly results in Norovirus and is the number one cause of foodborne illnesses. The FDA […]
This episode in the Food Safety Talkabout series is dedicated to Norovirus—the most common cause of foodborne illness in the United States. In this video, we ask people what they know about this common foodborne illness, which is often referred to as the stomach flu. Be sure to like and share the video below on social […]
StateFoodSafety took to the streets once again to interview the general public about food safety principles. This time we created a special episode that focuses on Halloween food safety. Should you throw out open candy? How much sugar should children be allowed to consume on Halloween? This video talks about real Halloween food safety concerns […]
This StateFoodSafety video from the Food Safety Talkabout series uses street interviews and humor to teach the correct procedure to cook chicken. Is the color of chicken the correct method for knowing whether the chicken is thoroughly cooked? If you don’t know, watch this episode!
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