Regulatory Solutions

Preferred health department food safety training solutions

Chosen by more regulatory agencies than any other company, StateFoodSafety proudly delivers customized training solutions for regulatory agencies nationwide, both large and small. StateFoodSafety has also been awarded contracts through the open bid solicitation process in San Bernardino, CA; Salt Lake County, UT; Kansas City, MO; along with many other locations.

Proven Experience

Whether a health department wants to supplement or replace their current program, or is implementing a new program, StateFoodSafety is the only organization that has both the proven experience and the ability to customize programs to meet unique health department needs. After an in-depth discussion of the unique characteristics of the public whom it serves, StateFoodSafety works with health departments to ensure the programs being offered are the ones that meet the public’s needs and the goals of the department.

Highest Quality

StateFoodSafety delivers the highest-quality online food handler, food protection manager, alcohol server/seller, and bloodborne pathogens for body artist training, in the country. However, training is just one aspect of a successful program. StateFoodSafety offers a comprehensive solution that includes the following areas:

  • Online course delivery
  • Online assessment
  • Administrative access
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Database integration
  • Fee collection and distribution
  • Training offered in multiple languages
  • Training is ADA guidelines compliant
  • Customizable training
  • Public information support
  • More, depending on health department needs

Health Departments Love Us

"They did a great job on modifying the content of the education presentation to meet our local food code as well as certification documentation and issuance, and payment remittance. Implementation was smooth and cost us nothing! StateFoodSafety’s online program is so trouble free I almost forget about it until we receive our monthly check."

Environmental Health Program Manager, Food & Lodging Protection - Jefferson County Department of Health, Birmingham Alabama

"We have been pleased with the quality of their products and we have received positive feedback from various managers and employees regarding the quality and convenience of the various courses that they have taken."

M.P.A., L.E.H.S. - Manager, Bureau of Food Protection - Utah County Health Department

"StateFoodSafety has been a professional, reliable, and honest company. We are extremely pleased with the services they have provided. I highly recommend them as a state-of-the-art company that can fulfill your needs to implement an online food worker training and assessment program."

MPH, REHS - Chief of Environmental Health Services - San Bernardino County, California