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Find out what sets StateFoodSafety apart from other food safety education companies. These tools are free to our industry and regulatory partners. Learn step by step how to get the most out of your account with StateFoodSafety.

StateFoodSafety has joined TPC Training. TPC is a leading provider of in-person and online workforce training and compliance solutions, so StateFoodSafety is a great fit for their organization. The StateFoodSafety team will continue to provide all the same training programs and services we did before. We remain committed to providing the best courses, best technology, […]
We were primed with some level of vague familiarity with masks from childhood thanks to the countless hospital dramas we caught at a glance on TV. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic gained worldwide attention in early 2020, masks became a staple of American households and businesses. If you’re a food worker, you may be required […]
COVID-19 has required many food establishments to make a variety of changes, with some types of food businesses facing more changes than others. Whether you manage a restaurant franchise or a grocery store chain, you’re probably facing some changes of your own. For instance, chances are you’ve already embraced food delivery, curbside pickup, or online […]
5 Steps to Take When a Food Worker Tests Positive for COVID-19 One of the scariest things about COVID-19 is how quickly and easily it can spread to others. Because it can take 2-14 days for symptoms to emerge, a person could have no idea they have the virus and go about their normal routine […]
With health and hygiene at the forefront of everybody’s minds, following good food safety practices has never been more important. According to a study by the CDC, good food safety behavior correlates with food safety training. That’s a great reason to keep your foodservice staff educated — whether training is required in your area or […]
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